Monthly Archives: July 2017

New instruments for the Corvara Landslide: Permanent DSLR cameras and C-band corner reflectors

Recently, new instruments to improve the monitoring of the landslide were installed on the Corvara test site:
Six C-band corner reflectors were mounted in order to make use of ESA’s recently launched Sentinel 1 mission. In addition, three permanent DSLR cameras were installed on the Corvara study site. The cameras are programmed to shoot two pictures a day to have a continuous monitoring of the landslide. Two systems are powered by a solar panel and one is fed by household current.

UAV flight at the Corvara Landslide

After 2015 and 2016, on 21 and 22 June 2017 the third UAV flight on the Corvara landslide has been carried out successfully. The data is currently processed to generate a orthomosaic as well as a 3D point cloud and to compare it with the previous acquisitions.