Monthly Archives: May 2017


The LEMONADE team contributed to EGU 2017 (Vienna Austria) with two presentations about landslide monitoring using close-range and remote sensing techniques… have a look:


Rutzinger, M., Zieher, T., Pfeiffer, J., Schlögel, R., Darvishi, M., Toschi, I., Remondino, F. (2017): Evaluating synergy effects of combined close-range and remote sensing techniques for the monitoring of a deep-seated landslide (Schmirn, Austria). In: Geophysical Abstracts. Vienna, Austria, Vol. 19 (EGU2017-6393-3). Download poster


Schlögel, R., Darvishi, M., Cuozzo, G., Kofler, C., Rutzinger, M., Zieher, T., Toschi, I., Remondino, F. (2017): Sentinel-1 and ground-based sensors for a continuous monitoring of the Corvara landslide kinematic (South Tirol, Italy). Vol. 19 (EGU2017-12913). Talk