Monthly Archives: January 2017

Second survey campaign in Fortebuso

A second survey campaign in Fortebuso was realized in October 2016 over an over of approximately 150 x 100 m. The work included a UAV field campaign coupled with Total Station and GNSS survey in order to measure the position of several targets both inside and outside the landslide. The image block includes 232 images with a mean GSD of about 8 mm. Among the surveyed ground points, 6 points were included in the photogrammetric processing as GCPs whereas 6 points were used as cjeck points (CPs) to evaluate orientation accuracy. RMS errors on CPs resulted 8 mm (x), 11 mm (y) and 7 mm (z, vertical). The dense image matching extracted a point cloud with a mean spatial resolution at GSD level (around 8 mm). With the support of the Geological Service, the areas supposed to be “active” according to the periodic monitoring activities were identified. Then vegetation (trees) was filtered out and the cloud better aligned with the output of the previous campaign (June) by applying an ICP algorithm on the stable points of the area. Further analyses are now in progress to understand landslide movements.

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