Monthly Archives: July 2016

Preliminary Programme of GeoTirol2016 online

Check out the preliminary programme of GeoTirol2016. The session Geo-environmental monitoring using remote- and close-range-sensing techniques chaired by the LEMONADE project will consist of the following oral presentations:


Sterk, H.P. et al.: Progress in digital mapping of shallow mass movements by using a combination of orthophotos, LiDAR- and UAV-derived information.

Mayr, A. et al.: Extraction of eroded areas on mountain grassland from orthophotos at different scales

Lechner, V. et al.: Detecting and quantifying debris flow-related geomorphologic changes in an alpine catchment using LiDAR and photogrammetry data

Fey, C. et al.: Long range terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) for the deformation monitoring of alpine slopes

Beiranvand Pour, A.: Structural geology and topographic mapping of Kelantan river basin using PALSAR-2 remote sensing data for high risk area delineation

Eisank, C. et al.: Semi-automated landslide mapping based on multispectral satellite imagery: two Austrian case studies from the Land@Slide project